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Birthday/Private Parties

Here you will find most of our popular private party package

All packages require a minimum of 8 participants

Please note that date/time availability is very limited as our public class/events are scheduled at least 2 months out and take precedence.

Each class is set up for social time where guests can visit, open gifts, eat, etc.

*Adult parties may bring alcoholic beverages. NO GLASS CONTAINERS ALLOWED.


King Cake Baking

$320 covers 8 kids (mini king cakes)

  • Cake feeds 4-6 

  • ages 6-17

  • $40 for each additional child

$520 covers 8 adults (standard king cake)

  • Cake feeds 10-14

  • ages 18+

  • $65 for each additional adult

2 hours of total instruction time
4 hour room rental required $162

Age Requirement: 6 and older

Participants 9 and younger please have one adult per child.
Participants 10 and older may work alone.

Each student will create from start to finish their very own mini king cake. Students will roll out dough, fill and braid their king cakes. King Cakes will be baked off by the IJAC baker and retuned to the student once cooled. Each student will choose their colors and mix their super yummy made from scratch glaze!

This King Cake can feed 2-4 people.

There will be 2 hours of down time where traditional party events can take place. Eating, cake, presents, visiting etc.

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