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About Us

It’s Just a Cookie Sugar Art Studio specializes in Sugar Art Classes for all ages and skill sets! Whether you want to have a fun time with family and friends in a cookie class or in one of our original “Nailed It” Nights? Maybe you want to learn some new techniques  in one of our unique cake classes so you can wow everyone with your new found skills!! IJAC has you covered! All supplies are always included in every class. You just show up and have fun! Tickets must be purchased in advance in order to secure your spot.


We also offer a full service retail shop where you can purchase all the items from class or shop when ever you need to stock up on baking/decorating supplies! We also offer in house made specialty items such as Royal Icing, Buttercreams, cake fillings and more! We have an endless wall of cookie cutters, sprinkles and food color! Need a cake/cookie box? We have many to choose from!


We are here to help! Have questions about your next baking project? With almost 50 years of combined experience in Sugar Arts and Culinary we can help guide you on the path to success! 

Her roots run deep in South Louisiana. As a proud cajun, Rachel Noel was born with a creative spirit and a desire to lead. Raised by her grandparents she found herself in the kitchen often. Every year around Christmas grandma had to put out a spread of goodies that could serve a small army…..or the whole church of St.Edmond’s! As Rachel grew so did her responsibilities, especially around the Holidays. With every passing year she learned more and more from grandma Betty. Over time her love of art gradually showed up in her desserts and she quickly learned “this could be more”. As a young teenager flipping through the TV channels she found a show that would change her life for ever. Food Network Cake Wars! In that moment the light bulb went off! There it was! The thing! THE THING! The thing that would lead her to baking for everyone and anyone! Taking every opportunity she could to develop her skills. Building up a portfolio that would one day land her where she always wanted to be! IN A BAKERY! Finally able to do what she loved every day and to get paid for it was a dream! But God wasn’t done yet….. In 2012 A local baking store approached her while shopping and asked her to teach a cookie class. And as they say “the rest is History!” Every year she taught more and more. By 2019 her classes were selling out faster than she could teach them! Her current classroom was busting at the seems and working a million hours a week!!! Something had to give….Having the support and faith of all her students, friends and some amazing mentors that continued to push her, in 2022 she knew it was time. Every door opened from that point on and led to the opening of “It’s Just a Cookie Sugar Art Studio”! It’s Just a Cookie was coined by the fun laid back go with the flow teaching style that Rachel is known for. After many years in the classroom she was faced with a few OCD/Perfectionist students that needed a little reminder, it’s ok “It’s Just a Cookie”. With 20+ years in the Sugar Arts and 10+  years instructing Rachel Noel’s classes are just as informative as they are fun! 

Rachel Noel

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