Use this email for any request!

and Policies

I signed up for the wrong class. Can I switch to the class I originally wanted?

Yes, however you have a 12 hour window to make that request before a transfer fee of $5 will be assessed. Please email the request with in that time. Please allow up to 3 days for a response. Your email will be acknowledged for the date and time that it was sent.

Can I transfer to a different class? I missed the 12 hour window as described above or I can't make the original class I scheduled.

Yes. If you make a request with in 12 hours of originally signing up for a class and you want to transfer to a different one (maybe you picked the wrong date) you can with out a "Transfer Fee". Any requests after 12 hours and no later than 2 weeks will incure a $5 transfer fee. Assuming the class you want to transfer to has spots available. All requests will need to be emailed. No transfers will be allowed after 2 weeks prior to class date. Please allow 3 days for a response.

What if I can not make it to class?

As soon as you know please notify Rachel via email. No refunds will be given for any reason. If you give a notice 2 weeks or more prior to the class date you will be credited in full. This credit can be applied to any class that you want to take in the future. However, this is considered a transfer credit and can only be used once. In the event you schedule a class with your transfer credit, and you can't make it you will unfortunately lose your funds and no credit will be given. You can use your credit for a higher priced class and Rachel can invoice you for the balance. If you use the credit for a class of lesser value, you will lose the difference. However you can request

an additional ticket for a friend or family to take along with you and apply the remaining balance to their ticket as long as you’re are the purchaser. Any notice given 3 days prior to 2 weeks prior will receive 75% credit. Any notice given 24 hours to 2 days prior will receive a 50% credit. Any notice given 6 hours prior to the start of class to 24 hours can receive 25% credit. Less than a 6 hour notice or no notice at all will not receive any credit.

My child is not 12, can they still attend?

The firm cut off for all students is age 10 for all classes unless specified. However most classes state age 12 and older. In this case if you feel they could handle the class in a mature respectful manner and grasp the concepts being taught then you can purchase them a ticket.  

My child is about to be 10 can they participate?

Unfortunately no. We will gladly see them after their 10th Birthday. I have to be firm on this one considering I've had many try to slip much younger children in because of my leniency. These classes (even beginner ones) can be very tricky for younger children and will discourage them from wanting to learn later down the line when they have reached the appropriate age. I always use the example: you would not put a second grader in a fifth grade class and expect them to thrive.

My child does not want to take the class alone can I sit in and watch or help them?

Only students who have purchased a spot are allowed in the classroom. If you want to accompany your child you will have to purchase a ticket. This is a great time to allow your child the opportunity to be independent and enjoy sugar art. Unfortunately Mom and Dad once you leave they are more concerned with the cake and cookies to even realize you are gone! They will be fine and have a great time! I promise!

I don't have a baby sitter, can I bring my child?

No I'm sorry you can not. Just as the above question states. Only paid students can be in the classroom. This prevents distractions to other students and prevents policy abuse. Parents have used this excuse before in an attempt at bringing a child to participate and not pay for a ticket.....(really this is called theft but I was trying to put it mildly.)

Will you back date a discount/offer on a class that I purchased prior to the promtion?

Discounts/Promotions are to drive sales. I am not a big chain corporation or a billionaire CEO.  I am a single mother of 2 children that eat me out of house and home. So I unfortunately will not be able to back date discounts or promotions of any kind. If you are a parent I'm sure you can understand and relate