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and Policies

Please note that these policies and procedures are in place to prevent abuse of leniency which helps to maintain lower ticket prices overall for everyone.  These procedures have been refined over time to help cut costs (which are reflected in ticket prices) and waste. All classes utilize perishable materials with a varying shelf life. (Example: More last minute cancellations equals more waste in materials and labor which can only be offset with higher ticket prices. Something that is avoided as much as possible.) They also ensure that students have a positive experience in class no matter the age or skill level. Lastly it ensures that popular classes that sell out quick are accessible to as many students as possible.

Please note that unforeseen events such as a death in the family, illness or other serious situations can happen at anytime and will be addressed on a case by case basis.

I signed up for the wrong class. Can I switch to the class I originally wanted?

Yes, however you will have to purchase a transfer ticket based off your original class price. Credits will not be issued if you choose a class that is of lessor value. If you choose a class of greater value an invoice will be sent to you via email. Invoice must be paid in full prior to transfer.

What if I can not make it to class?

Please call the studio or email us ASAP!
You can request a transfer or a credit. (Not guaranteed) If granted you will still incur a transfer fee that must be paid prior to booking your new class. Click here for "Transfer Fee" Page.
Please note a "No Show" will automatically lose their funds.

No Refunds will be given for any reason initiated by the student/customer.


Age requirements:

Each class is different and there fore the age requirements will differ. Please be sure to read the full description of the class you are wanting to sign up for as the age requirement is one of many important factors listed. Some classes offer a "Parent and Me" option. This is great for younger children who can not attend a class alone. All students 12 and older must hold their own individual ticket. 

My child does not want to take the class alone can I sit in and watch or help them?

Only students who have purchased a spot are allowed in the classroom. If you want to accompany your child you will have to purchase a ticket. Some classes will have a "Parent and Me" ticket available. This will allow any student age 6-11 to participate with an adult age 18 and older. (Note this ticket covers one place setting per child and adult)  This is a great time to allow your child the opportunity to be independent and enjoy sugar art. Unfortunately Mom and Dad once you leave they are more concerned with the cake and cookies to even realize you are gone! They will be fine and have a great time! I promise!

I don't have a baby sitter, can I bring my child?

No I'm sorry you can not. Just as the above question states. Only paid students can be in the classroom. This prevents distractions to other students and prevents policy abuse. Parents have used this excuse before in an attempt at bringing a child to participate and not pay for a ticket.....(really this is called theft but I was trying to put it mildly.)This also crowds the classroom making it uncomfortable for paid students.

*Please do not bring your infants(young babies) to class. Only paid students can be present. 

Will you back date a discount/offer on a class that I purchased prior to the promtion?

Discounts/Promotions are to drive sales. I am not a big chain corporation or a billionaire CEO.  I am a single mother of 2 children that eat me out of house and home. So I unfortunately will not be able to back date discounts or promotions of any kind. If you are a parent I'm sure you can understand and relate. I do offer discount plans that you can purchase which will allow you to get 20% off most classes.

I paid a deposit on a class ticket or private event and can no longer attend. Can I get a refund or credit?

Class Deposits:
A deposit is to hold a spot that can no longer be held by another student/customer. 
Deposits are non refundable and no credits will be issued for any reason.
Deposits on classes are offered for higher priced tickets. The deposit ticket holds the students spot. These funds are also allocated to purchase or prep materials for their project in advance. So no refunds or credits can be offered simply because their funds were utilized for the specific class they signed up for. Remember our materials are perishable and typically can not be used for other means.

Private events such as Birthday Parties, office parties or any private event that was booked with
It's Just a Cookie:
Event must be paid in full and only 50% is eligible for a credit if canceled 4 weeks prior to scheduled event.
Our main source of revenue comes from our public classes. Booking out the studio means we can no longer host public classes during the day and time the party was scheduled for. The minimum 50% is to recoup losses from not being able to host a public class.  If materials or labor was invested additional funds will be kept to offset those costs. 

Refund Policy/Class Cancelation Policy:

Refunds will only be awarded if "It's Just a Cookie" has to cancel a class due to personal reasons. Which includes but is not limited too: illness and family emergencies. Students will be notified via email ASAP so please use a good email address when registering.

Refunds WILL NOT be awarded for the following:

  • Student can not attend for any reason. A Credit may be granted. Please click here for what to do if you must cancel.

  • "It's Just a Cookie" has to cancel/shutdown for natural disasters (hurricanes, tropical storms, etc.), national closures (example: Covid Pandemic) or any other reason outside of "It's Just a Cookie" control. In this event students will receive a credit to use with no transfer fee penalties. 

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