What is a "HOOC" Box?

"Hands On Online Class"

Welcome to a new fun way of learning! I'm sure you have watched a million online video tuts or classes and wanted to try what you see at home....Ah but low and behold you were short a few materials or heck maybe you had none! How frustrating! What if you could have everything you needed shipped to you? What if you could take a class whenever you wanted wherever you wanted? (obviously with in reason....please do not take my classes in your tub or at a carwash......you know places like that......) Well that's how the "HOOC" box was born! (actually my students who currently take my classes on site nagged me to death....but you get the picture......) 

-Rachel Noel

How it works....


Browse below all the "HOOC" Boxes that are currently available for order or pre-order. (Side note: If this is your first time doing a "HOOC" box you will need to select a "HOOC" kit with tools. You only need to purchase your first box with tools once and it can be used for all the boxes I offer. This eliminates you paying for duplicate tools when you only need 1 set! Yes it will make a HUGE difference in your whole experience. Plus you will actually need these tools in order to do a lot of the steps.) After you purchase your box it should arrive at your home with in a week (unless you purchased a pre-order then by the date specified) 99% of everything you will need will be in the box. Each box specifies any extras you will need to gather prior to taking the Online Class. In your box you will be given a password that will grant you access to the corresponding "HOOC" Box online class. When you are ready to take the class. Have all your materials out on your work space along with your computer/tablet/phone, log onto my website and play the class video. It's that simple. You can pause, play back as many times as you need! So don't feel rushed. I have some fun oldies songs for background music but if you prefer something else just mute the videos and play your own music! Enjoy! Relax! Have Fun! and remember....IT'S JUST A COOKIE!