Save Zeus

Save Zeus Raffle

I'm hosting a pot raffle
A Pot Raffle is where the prizes will grow in value based on the number of tickets that are purchased. So the more tickets the higher the prize value goes up.

There will be 3 winners. 

1st Place will have a choice of 20% of the pot (cash) or $500 gift 
certificate towards classes.

2nd Place will have a choice of 10% of the pot (Cash) or $250 gift 
certificate for classes.

3rd Place will have a choice of 5% of the pot (Cash) or $100 gift 
certificate for classes.

Pot amount will be disclosed after winners have made their choices.

Winners will be chosen April 4 and announced on It's Just a Cookie Facebook Page
You will be contacted via email
Prizes will be awarded with in 5-7 buisness day.
All money collected will go to the treatment of Zeus. Any funds left over will be donated to Lafayette Animal Aid a no kill shelter.

This is Zeus, a 4 year old Dogo Argentine Mastiff. I've had him his whole life. I was even there for his birth. To say I love this creature is an understatement. He has given me unconditional love, comfort and comical relief when I needed it most. He is my protector and best friend. My 2 children look at him as family and love him dearly. 
Last week he was brought to the vet for some serious fluid retention. Many many tests later.....showed all the common issues were not the cause. Multiple bloodwork tests, X-Rays, Examinations, Draining, Medication...the list goes on......No Clear answers that will help me get hime healthy again. His time is running out. The medication he is on his body is no longer responding to. He does not eat and his personality is gone. I'm absolutely heart broken. My last option is sending him to LSU in Baton Rouge. Where it will take more funds than I have to help him. In spite of this financial burden I can not give up on him. He's family. You don't give up on family.