Private Class

Private classes are fun activities for Birthdays and team building for offices.  There are a few things to consider when booking a private class. Below are a few requirements that your group will need in order to be eligible for a private class.



Class Size:

            Cake Classes:

                        Minimum: 4

                        Maximum: 12

            Cookie Classes:

                        Minimum: 4



Cost is calculated based on 3 factors: Class size, date and the class chosen. You can choose any classes that I have taught (past/future). Please see a full list of classes that are dated as far back as 2 years ago on A Baker’s Choice Facebook page under the “Events” section. Cost below is listed as an additional percentage on top of the standard public rate. For example: 5 students want a Beginner’s Cake class that is usually $65, and the up charge is 30% the fee will be $84.50 per student. 


These rates are for private classes held Monday- Thursday between the hours of 9am and 3pm. Classes held after 3pm on a weekday will have an additional 10% charge per ticket.


Friday Prime rate Fee: $100 (classes starting after 3 pm)

Saturday or Sunday Prime rate Fee: $200

*Prime rate fee will be waived if your group meets or exceeds 12 students for cake classes and 18 students for cookie classes.



            Cake Classes:

                        Students per Class:

                                                4- 6 students 30% up charge

                                                7-8 students 20% up charge

                                                9-10 students 10% up charge

                                                11-12 students 0% up charge


            Cookie Classes: (Macaron/cake pop/ all demos)

                        Students per Class:

                                                4-10 students 20% up charge

                                                11-14 students 10% up charge

                                                15-18 students 0% up charge



Depending on the class chosen it may be eligible to be made public. (contingent on Rachel Noel Designs LLC approval) In this case you will have the option to have your class open to the public. By choosing this option all up charges and fees will be waived, and your group will only pay the standard student fees. This is a great option for those with a smaller budget. Keep in mind when choosing classes that Holiday themed classes will only be considered for this option as long as the class falls within the same season. (*For example, a Mardi Gras class will not be eligible for this option if you request to have it hosted in the month of October when a Halloween theme would be an ideal choice.)

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